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Mobile workforce management. Handy tools for businesses.

CityTroops - mobile workforce tools
CityTroops – Mobile Workforce Management Software

How can you better manage the mobile workforce? How are you choosing to communicate with your employees in the field? These are tricky questions. Specially, if you consider that technology has enabled your mobile workforce to grow and spread over an ever-expanding geography.

The thing is that as Jonathan Blum, guest writer at Entrepeneur.com, explains: “When it comes to ‘mobile management’, you’ll have to decide on how tight the electronic leash should be”.

That geographically diverse workforce is what we call a “mobile workforce” and there is a wide array of new solutions available to help you manage it. The challenge is to give your team the right tools to stay connected and work towards the same goal.

Finding the right mobile workforce management tool

If you browse the web, you will find a huge amount of handy tools for mobile workforce management. Nevertheless, many professionals have a hard time adopting new technologies. That’s why many companies prefer to use WhatsApp over other specialized solutions.

Best thing about WhatsApp is that almost everyone already uses it. Therefore it doesn’t require any training. In fact, mobile workforces usually create groups on WhatsApp to share instant messages. It’s a really fast way to communicate! And with the launch of WhatsApp Web, it has become even easier to stay connected.

It’s worth noting that WhatsApp is building a brand new app specifically developed for businesses.

What you might like about WhatsApp for Business

Most of its features are useful for Business to Customers (B2C) communications. For example, WhatsApp for Business lets you link your company’s landline number to your account. This way messages and calls from customers will reach the landline number and you will be able to access them on your mobile device.

WhatsApp for Business also includes the setup of automated responses for customers trying to get in touch with you during out of office hours.

What you might NOT like about WhatsApp for Business

Although end-to-end encryption has been added to WhatsApp, its new version is already getting some bad press. According to Business Insider, a fake version of WhatsApp for Business was downloaded by millions of users from the Google Play Store. The same week it was flagged by users on Reddit and removed by Google. This says a lot about their security.

With WhatsApp for Business you can easily communicate with your customers. But you’re still in need of a a more efficient solution to keep all of your company’s communications in one place. Making it easier for everyone to send information.

Keep Your Mobile Workforce Together

Businesses like yours need to be able to professionally manage their mobile workforce. Consequently, we launched CityTroops.

CityTroops’ software offers you an ever-increasing amount of solutions to improve the productivity of your company, optimize processes, save time and resources. We focus on helping companies to improve every out-of-office activity. On CityTroops you will find fully customizable digital forms and tools to recover and collect data the way you choose.

We help you decrease the time in which the information is collected, requested, sent and analyzed. Improving your field teams’ efficiency in more than 91%

Through the years we have developed a platform and app that enables you to comply with your company communication policies and at the same time have a user friendly interface, a customized administrator portal to ensure an easy roll-out, quick support and much more.

Customized solutions for field team management

CityTroops is a solution that enables you to collect, analyze and centralize information faster and without any constraints, inside an end-to-end encrypted interface. On CityTroops you will have customized forms and other tools designed to collect information from the field.

Our specialists will work with you hand in hand to do all the setup and adaptation of the platform to your real needs. We will digitalize all the paper forms and sheets you you still use in the field, we’ll turn them into categories, setup activity reports, add clients’ information, assets locations and any other information you need for your company’s operations to run smoothly.

So you can focus on the core of your business instead of worrying about the adoption of a new software. Let us deal with that! The platform is fully intuitive. You and your collaborators won’t need any special training to use our platform.

Keep track of your field team’s performance in real time!

CityTroops allows you to make better strategic decisions by having more information in real time. You will always receive the ground reports with geolocation. This means that your employees in the field will send the data specifically in the place they collected it. This way you can guarantee that your mobile workforce will send their reports on time and from where they’re supposed to do it! This isn’t a fleet management software! CityTroops is an efficiency booster tool!

Citytroops trade marketing asset inspection
Citytroops Trade Marketing asset inspection

Even if you’re running the app without Internet connection, you can save the data inside the app. This pending form will be updated in the exact moment when that mobile device gets a minimum network signal. This way your employees in the field can fill any form on their smartphone or tablet wherever they are, without any concern!

The CityTroops app is used in industries like Trade Marketing, Private Security, Logistics, Pharmaceutical, OOH Advertising, Insurance and others. It is available on iPhone, iPad, Android and you can access to the administration dashboard from any PC/Mac.

What isn’t measured won’t be improved

Our system allows you to work in 3 different levels:

1. Boost your productivity

Thanks to our real-time data gathering capabilities, you will optimize your communications with your out-of-office employees. Our app lets professionals in the field easily gather and send data on any mobile device by filling a form on-the-go. Collecting data in the field has never been so easy!

You will have a dashboard that informs you in real time where your collaborators are and all professionals in the field will be able to send new data to your company in real time. Besides the geographical localization, some features include the ability of creating groups of users with different roles, take and attach photos, collect digital signatures and fully customize all the reports.

2.  Collect and process information the way you choose

Centralize and store all your recorded data in our secure servers. View reports in real time, geolocate and personalize information based on your customer needs. You can choose between different file formats to export your tables and graphics, and keep your data centralized to consult it in real time. From PDF (for generating summaries or reports, draw statistics, perform calculations, etc) to Excel, CSV or XML formats to integrate these data directly in your company’s database, CRM, ERP or any external software.

Citytroops mobile workforce metrics

3. Become a Customer-Centric company

Now you can modernize and optimize your communications and improve your customer journey. With CityTroops app you can even scan QR/NFC/bar codes and access to customized cards of clients or assets, this helps your mobile workforce to review details, edit asset records and complete multiple processes. Everything trully friction-less.

Take most of your processes paper-less and make the visit to your client run smoothly. You will no longer have to go through a Whatsapp chat record to find an asset record, proposal or quotation request.


Take your mobile workforce management to a new level with CityTroops.

Finally, if you want to know more, visit CityTroops, schedule a demo call clicking here or connect with us on Facebook and Twitter.

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